Actuarial guidance

This page includes actuarial guidance issued by SPPA relating to the LGPS in Scotland. SPPA issues guidance under the LGPS (Scotland) Regulations 2018 and the LGPS (Transitional Provisions and Savings)(Scotland) Regulations 2014. We have also included guidance issued under previous regulations that continued to have effect at any point after 31 May 2018.

SCAPE discount rate change - March 2023

The SCAPE discount rate reduced on 30 March 2023. SPPA issued the new factors in four batches with different effective dates, the latest being 27 November 2023. These factors have been updated in the latest version of the factor spreadsheet Version 2023-04b. Some calculations continue to use a previous version of the factor spreadsheet Version 200811, which is dated 28 July 2021. We have set out which factors should be used in the Transitional arrangements table.

Query log

The LGPC Secretariat maintains a log of ongoing queries relating to actuarial guidance. We will update the new log as further queries are added and existing queries are resolved or amended. We ask administering authorities to review the log before raising any queries directly with us, as your query may relate to a known issue.

» Additional pension

» Additional survivor benefit contributions

» Annual allowance charges: calculation of Scheme Pays offset

» AVCs - purchase of additional pension

» Early retirement

» Flexible retirement

» Interfund transfers

» Late retirement

» Lifetime allowance

» Lump sum commutation

» Pension credits

» Pension debits

» CETVs on divorce

» Transfer credits - conversion of accumulated AVCs (regulation 65(8))

» Transfers - individual incoming and outgoing

» Trivial commutation