Withdrawn guides

Guides and publications which are no longer maintained by the LGPC Secretariat. The documents contained on this page are provided for reference only and do not necessarily represent the LGPC Secretariat's current understanding of the law. No responsibility whatsoever will be assumed by the LGA for any direct or consequential loss, financial or otherwise, damage or inconvenience, or any other obligation or liability incurred by readers relying on information contained in these documents.

Last updated
1 June 2016 Automatic enrolment brief guide Brief guide to automatic enrolment for LGPS and TPS employers. A re-launched version of the automatic enrolment brief guide is planned to be issued in late Summer 2017.
16 October 2015 LGPS 2015 Practitioners' Guide Course notes from the LGPC Secretariat's practitioner training course for LGPS 2015.
10 July 2015 Q&A for funds on transfers to DC Q&A for funds on the impacts of the introduction of Freedom and Choice in April 2015 on members transferring out of the LGPS to defined contribution schemes.
2000 Pension Sharing on Divorce A guide for administering authorities issued by LGPC in 2000 on the administration of pension sharing on divorce. It has not been updated to reflect subsequent changes in relevant legislation.